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We help businesses grow
customer retention

By using customer-centric techniques and data-driven insights

What we do


Time to Wow:

From sign-up to first success. We design a flow that takes your newest users step by step to their first good experience with your product.


Time to Value:
trial period

From first success to paying customer. We uncover the milestones a trial user needs to take to experience value from your product and become a loyal customer.


Happily Ever After:
loyal customer

Keep the customer coming back. We evaluate your customer feedback across multiple channels and create a game plan based on high impact improvements to your product and service.

How we do it

Understand Your Customers

Understand Your Customers

Turn customer feedback from multiple channels: interviews, surveys, social networks, support tickets and more, into business insights.

Understand Your Data

Understand Your Data

Collect and analyze the right customer data, learn about customer behavior and make data-informed decisions.

Why work with us?

Vast Experience

Product, UX & Data Analysis expertise to complement your existing team.

Tailor Made

No one-size-fits-all solution. Our methods are personalized to fit your business needs.

Cost Effective

Start with the quick wins that fund bigger retention initiatives.

Lean and Iterative

Learn fast through rapid prototyping and user testing.

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