No matter what time of year it is, there is always an occasion where wearing gorgeous stilettos is required. The only trouble is that after 30 minutes of wearing them, we often find ourselves grimacing, or limping, or uncomfortably shifting our weight from foot to foot to try and alleviate some of the pain that we feel.

You don’t have to live with this unbearable foot pain any more. For those women who wear shoes that are 3-inches or higher, this article is dedicated to you.

  1. Stop walking so much! This may seem obvious, but it’s so true and we women need to remind ourselves that walking in stilettos for more than 2-4 hours will only lead to painful feet for the next several days. Take regular sitting breaks when ever possible. If you’re that concerned that you may miss out on the action by sitting down, then try to wear shoes that are 2-inches or less in height.

TIP: Ice your feet after a night out in stilettos to prevent any sort of swelling or pain the next day.

  1. Wear the right size of shoe. Believe it or not, but our feet can still lengthen and expand as we age. As a matter of fact, our feet even change sizes throughout the day! The best way to ensure that you are getting the right shoe for your size of foot is to go shopping in the afternoon, not in the morning. This will give you the chance to buy shoes that will fit you comfortably all throughout the day, rather than perhaps just in the morning.
  2. Gel pads are your best friend. Why not throw on a gel pad to help increase the comfort of your foot in a stiletto? For $20, you are giving yourself increased comfort and possibly preventing any long term damage to your foot, legs and back by wearing them. If you are wearing flat shoes, you can easily slip an orthopaedic insert into your shoe for extra comfort.
  3. Keep a healthy weight. Though adding an extra 5 pounds during the holiday season may not seem like such a big deal, for every pound on our body, an additional 3 pounds of pressure is being felt by our ankles. So if you do gain 5 pounds, that’s a whole extra 15 pounds being pressed down on our ankle joints, meaning that our ankles are more prone to pain and injury. Keep an eye on your weight and make sure that it stays at a reasonable number and without any major fluctuations.
  4. Keep another pair of shoes on you at all times. Carry a large bag and stuff in a pair of flats where ever you go. Invest in a beautiful pair of flat sandals that compliment almost any dress that you wear. That way, if you are in dire pain because of your shoes, you can quickly throw on another pair and not miss a moment of the action.


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