When we think of hair extensions, we may all have different perceptions as to what a hair extension really is – which may be because there are several different methods of having a hair extension placed into your hair!

Secret tip from the author: “No matter how expensive your hair products are if you use a wrong hairbrush they all won’t work, I recommend a wooden hair brush because it is a tried-and-true option that would be perfect for everyone”

Depending on the type of hair extension you have, the cost of hair extensions may differ. We will start from the least expensive to the most, and describe the benefits of each.

Clip On Hair Extensions

Clip on hair extensions are a very quick process that any woman can undergo for a very low price. You can expect to pay any where from $20 to $300 for a quality clip on hair extension kit, the more expensive being the better (though the most expensive are usually made from human hair, something that is not necessary when using clip on extensions).

Clip on hair extensions are great if you want to extend your ‘do for a night out from time to time, but they are by no means a permanent solution to having longer, fuller looking hair. Once it comes time to go to bed or to wash your hair, out they come!

Hot Fusion/Bonding

This process of hair extensions involves hair extensions being hot glued to your hair. The hot glue helps meld the two different hairs together, and depending on whether you get real hair or fake (this is usually fake hair) you can pay up to $300 for each treatment. This is a rather permanent method of having longer hair, and it is a great choice for the more budget conscious woman (or man) as it will give you longer hair for an extended period of time for a fairly decent price.

Be sure to check out a hair stylist’s previous work when it comes to hot fusion, however, before laying down the dollars. You want to be sure that you will get the best job possible. A bad bonding or hot fusion hair extension job will definitely be noticeable to everyone.

The Weave

Getting a weave may be the most commonly known way to get a hair extension. Though this can cost up to $1200 USD, it is a rather permanent solution for those with thicker, more frizzy hair. This method involves hair extensions being braided into the natural hair, giving it a natural appearance.

Most people are none the wiser when it comes to weaves and fake hair – unless a bad job has been done. As with the method above, be sure that you review the work done by your hair stylist before you throw down the money, and spend the money necessary to have the job done right. No one wants to be left with a horrible weave.

Cold Fusion

Cold fusion is very similar to the “hot fusion” option mentioned above, except it costs exceptionally more. If you opt for cold fusion, then expect to be paying any where from $1500 to $3000 for it.

So why choose cold fusion hair extensions over hot fusion? Because it is more gentle on your hair. If you have weak or fragile hair, this is definitely the option you should go for.


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