Open any phone book or type “best day spa” into any search on the internet and you will be blown away by the amount of day spas that are in your area. This can make it rather confusing and hard for any woman who is looking for the best day spa for her. So how can you find the best day spa you for you?


An important factor to consider when choosing the best day spa for you is choosing one that fits your budget. There are surprisingly a lot of variations in cost when you go to a spa, so be sure to ask what they charge and for what service. They may choose their cost based on:

  • Quality of materials used
  • Experience of the person/persons performing each service
  • Options that are included in the service or services requested
  • Location of the spa (is it downtown in a trendy area or further out in the country?)
  • The average earnings of their clientele

No matter what spa you call, if there is a cost that you would like to have lowered, always ask how you can have the price reduced. They may remove the essential oils from that manicure that you love and a calf massage, but if you are willing to forego these luxuries then it is worth it.


Another important thing to consider when thinking about the best day spa for you is the amount of experience of the person or persons who will be pampering you have. Someone straight out of beauty school may not be the best choice compared to someone who has been giving manicures, pedicure, facials and massages for over 20 years. Never be afraid to ask when you place a call about how experienced the staff is.

How long they have been in Business

The duration of time in which a company has been in business is a very good indication of just how “good” they are. If a spa has been around for several years, you know that they must be doing something right. This isn’t to say that the new spa around the block isn’t any good; it may very well be a fantastic spa or salon. Just be a bit more wary.


Who wants to go to a spa where nothing is cleaned well? When you consider just how many toes and hands those nail clippers have seen, or how many people have laid on the massaging table, or how many people may have had a wax job, it is important to take note of how well they clean their instruments and what their practices are.

You do not want to be waxed with wax that has been used on another person, or with an applicator that has only been partially cleaned. Never be afraid to ask these questions. Many women have become severely ill because spa tools were not properly cleaned.

The most important part of choosing the best day spa for you is visiting the place and meeting the people face to face. When you consider the cost of the services offered, it is well worth your time to pay them a quick visit and actually see where you will be spending your next much needed indulgent day.


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