Hair is based on the age-old desire to have a woman falls long, lush and shiny curls. Most often, or natural features, or life’s difficulties did not allow to reach their ideal natural way, which is already calculated in years. A hair quickly and easily attaches to a desired volume, hide bad hair, and of course, extend them, with some technologies to 70 cm.

Hair lengthens the hair by gluing and weaving individual strands. Extension locks are attached to your hair, and place attachment is a small capsule. Strands carefully begging for color, length and density, structure and pigment.

In order to apply for hair extensions human hair of different origin. They are pre-cleaned, processed, and depigmenting disguise resistant paints. The source material for hair extensions or deliver a mass or assembled into bundles with the capsule.

The strands are bonded at a distance of 1 cm from the roots. For this purpose, to hair extensions, their length must be at least 5 to 6 cm. Hair is the fan, is located in the temporal and occipital areas, or in a checkerboard pattern, alternating the natural and accrued locks. The procedure lasts about hair three to four hours.

By type of release French, Italian and British technology – all of which carry hot hair. Modern technologies allow for an optimal melting temperature capsule, without harm to the hair, but it is so stable that the increased locks are not afraid of saunas, hair dryer and curling iron.

British technology uses the hair of all colors and textures. Hair is performed using a special glue gun and refractory organic keratin resin. Place of adhesions connecting my own hair, and a bundle of 35-50 hairs, and completely invisible from the outside. Their hair is not spoiled and grow further.

Italian technology has primarily used the hair of European origin and works with dozens of six ready-made shades. Strands have been used for formed in the factory, with image on them with a soft resin, which has the form of thin plates. Of course, hair is by using a special electrical device with a temperature-controlled heating. Italian spike completely prevents combing and ensures a period of 4 months of wear.

In French technology with hair attached protein capsules and the device – strands are heated and bonded.

Hair can build up to 60 cm, as in the Italian technology.

There is also a technology of cold hair. This variety of methods that do not use the heated and molten material and the hair is not subjected to thermal stress. Capsule for the attachment of the strands is created manually, based on a special adhesive and fixative – a Spanish technology.

Adhesions are the result even less. The nuance is that the adhesive capsules have a light whitish color, which is suitable only blonde and brunette. The strands are also very persistent and not afraid to comb and external influences.

Hair extensions can be carried out, and attaching strands of metallic beads, which pass through their own hair and the donor strand, after which the capsule is clamped by special tweezers. But then again – only four shades of beads limits their widespread adoption.

Wear your hair purchased up to 6 months. Their lifespan depends on the structure of their own hair. Then the procedure of hair extension can be repeated. Acquired locks are removed very simply – a capsule soaked with a special solution. The strands are removed and mounted again, a few inches closer to the roots.

In addition to extending and increasing, with the help of hair extensions can be added to the natural color of the strands of different colors, achieving the effect of dyeing or coloring. And you can weave into the hair and synthetic strands of bright colors – silver, white, orange and blue. Holiday option offers strands of rhinestones and feathers.

Hair does not limit the other terms in the barber treatments – hair can be colored hairs, curling, paint and put in a very intricate hairstyle. Only comb they needed to be careful.


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