We all love using makeup, but how many of us know what is correct way to apply and remove makeup? The best way to learn the art of perfect makeup application is to first understand your face and its high points correctly. Look at your face in a mirror and examine it from all angles. Your next step should decide what equipment you are likely to use. The choice is between brushes, sponges, and your digits.

Makeup Application Tips

While brushes are great favorites with expert artists, for rookies they can be difficult to use. The first step to effectively using a makeup brush for application is to learn how to hold the brush right and use the right strokes to blend efficiently. An easy way to learn using a brush is start using a liquid foundation. Pour a small amount on your hand and then pick up some with your brush and apply to areas where you need coverage in small strokes. Start blending in with each stroke till you have an even tone across your skin. Do not dab the foundation on your skin directly and then use the brush to blend. Also, make sure you have the right brush for the right part of the face. Each item of makeup has a different size and style of brush for perfect application. Eyelid brushes have small pads at either end of a piece of thin hard material. Lip makeup brushes are designed with fine bristles to apply lipstick, gloss or lip liner. Face brush is the biggest of makeup brushes. It is available in different sizes with handles and bristles of varying sizes. Blusher brush is soft and full and allows you to apply blush across the cheeks in swift motions.

If you prefer sponges, make sure you opt for wedge-shaped ones. Sponges are a great way to apply makeup because they cover a large area quickly. It is a good idea to wet the sponge before use and then put the product on it. It usually results in a dewy finish. The best way to use a sponge is apply a rolling motion and not dabbing one. If you end up using the excessive product on your face, then don’t forget to pat your face with tissue to get rid of excess product before applying translucent finishing powder.

Your fingers are a good way to apply makeup too, but remember to use the product in very small quantities. However, in all likelihood, you will need a brush or sponge to evenly blend the product in.

Makeup Removal Rules

Just as applying makeup is an art, removing it correctly is equally important. The first thing to do is to pull your hair away from your face with the help of a headband. Next, concentrate on your eye makeup remover first. Moisten a cotton pad with your removal cream or lotion and gently rub the eyelid till traces of the hue disappear. Now get your cleanser (it must be suitable for your skin type) and wet your face with warm water. Then apply the cleanser on your entire face and lather up. Rinse a couple of times to ensure the makeup is removed completely.

If you have to remove makeup on the go, make use of a special makeup removal wet pipe. Most good quality pipes are not made from the paper but from non-woven material like fabric which helps to remove both normal and waterproof makeup efficiently.

But don’t forget your cleansing routine once you get home if you want your skin to look good forever.


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