The best of the best hair cuts are selected solely on your face shape. The shape of your face place a huge role when it comes to having a stylist or even finding a hair cut that is visually appealing and pleasing to the eye. So break out your mirror, take a look at your face, and decide which different hair cuts may suit you best. In case you have african-american hair, we offer you to read this article about best wave brush.

The Oval Face

Oh, you lucky oval faces! You are considered to have the face shape that will work with almost any hair style and hair cut out there. For this reason alone your hair stylist will absolutely love you! The oval face is defined as being “1.5 as long as its width” and the forehead is also slightly wider than the jaw. A lot of people out there share this face shape, so if you’re one of them, feel free to experiment with pretty much any hair cut you’d like!

TIP: Always ask your stylist what he or she would recommend for you too.

The Round Face

What really makes a face round is the roundness of the chin. Round faces also tend to appear to be “shorter” than one with an oval face, which is why any hair cut for someone with a round face should try to elongate the shape of the face. This illusion can be created simply by creating height at the top or the crown of the head, and also by minimizing the amount of hair width. Keep the hair flat around the sides and especially around the ears where hair can “pop out” and make your face look all the more “short”.

The Heart Shaped Face

One with a heart shaped face has the widest point of their head being at the temples, whereas the narrowest part is at their jaw line. The chin will also look small and dainty. A hair stylist (and yourself) should aim for a hair cut that works on adding some extra width to the jaw line to create some balance between hair and face shape.

The Pear Shape

Pear shaped faces tend to have a rather narrow forehead and a fairly wide jaw, the opposite of a heart shaped face. If this sounds like you, then you will want to try to choose a hair cut that will give more width around the forehead and temples, and take focus away from the chin. This generally means no “chin length” hair dos for you.

The Rectangular Face

Rectangular faces tend to have a round chin, but little to no difference between jaw and forehead width. When looking for a hair cut for this hair type, aim to choose one that will help create width at the sides of the face, so as to conceal the narrow appearance that your face would otherwise be putting on display. Fringes work well to help reduce the length of the face, and side parts will go a long way in preventing your face from looking boxy and “square”.

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