Changing the color of the hair – in our time it is absolutely normal, no it is not surprising. You can make a shade darker or lighter than the natural or dramatically change the light, say from a blonde turn into a brunette and vice versa. There are several techniques change the natural color: toning, staining and discoloration.

The first type, shading, completely harmless, and sometimes even useful, but the new color is a very short time and starts to run off after the first shampooing. When coloring chemicals penetrate into the hair structure and partially destroying the natural pigment. These colors are not washed out. However, shading, and coloring are good only in case if you want to change the color to a darker than your natural shade.

If you want to create a lighter tone, you have to use the discoloration. This is the most harmful and totally benign type of change of hair color, as a result, they become lighter, but weaker, brittle, and a few applications of porous, in a word, lose strength and Health. All this happens because the natural pigment is completely destroyed. However, this is the only way to become a brunette from a blonde. Furthermore, even if you messed up your hair lightening, it’s not for life, they can grow back.

It is said that there are several types of discoloration:

  1. Full. Cardinal brightening the entire head of hair.
  2. Highlights – color change only a few curls.

Drastic color change is not recommended for several reasons. First of all. You need to gradually get used to the new way, and besides, he might not like you at all. Second, you’ll see discoloration affects the structure of your hair. This may scare you, then you do not flee to the complete bleaching.

There is another problem with the lightening of hair: very often we get the wrong result. Who wanted – namely, a yellowish tint. This happens because the natural color – a mixture of brown and red pigments. The latter are more resilient and therefore often survive in the process of bleaching. With this it is possible to fight, first, by rendering the result of which will be held not too long, but it will bring less harm. Arc option – additional color to another color. This is very bad to do, especially immediately after bleaching, so it’s best to wait at least a few weeks.

When dramatically change color, roots grow back incredibly strong contrast against the background of bright colors, so they often have to resort to the procedure for their clarification.

Procedures for lightening hair should apply to the interior, because only there you can pick the best color and use the most gentle method of coloring. At home, you can overdo the paint, which will bring a lot of harm.


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