Sometimes when we brush our teeth with bamboo toothbrush in the morning in front of the mirror we starting to think: “Are there any alternative ways to lose weight?” Any women will tell you that her battle with losing weight hasn’t been an easy one. With so many weight loss trends and diets out there, it’s hard for any woman to decide just what is the best way for her to shed those extra pounds. Today we give you some of the hottest and the best weight loss tips that have worked for celebrities and every day women like you.

Wear Tight Clothing

You may be self conscious about that one roll or that bump or that dimple on your thigh that may show if you wear tight clothes, but wearing tight clothes will actually help you lose weight. Why? Women are far less likely to over indulge on any foods if they are wearing tight clothes. Loose clothing allows women to over indulge as they cannot feel the strain that the excess food intake is putting on their clothing. If you wear tight jeans when you go out to eat, there’s more of a chance that you’ll pass up on that second helping than if you were to wear stretchy, forgiving sweat pants.

Naked Lunch

Another great tip, but not necessarily do-able if you are in an office environment: eat your lunch naked in front of a mirror. The reasoning behind this is that watching yourself eat food naked will allow you to actually appreciate what affect the food that you are eating has on your body. You can see and imagine the food traveling from your mouth to your belly. This can also help you make smarter and wiser food choices too as you may better appreciate just what affect the food you are eating is having on your body.

Fill Up on H2O

Maybe this isn’t such a new trick, but it is still one that is definitely worth mentioning. If you are having problems with overeating or portion control, definitely drink one tall glass of water before every meal (an 8oz glass should do the trick). Filling up on water before a meal will help give you that “full” feeling, and it will stop you from over indulging at meal times.

Make sure that you drink adequate amounts of water all throughout the day to help quell any cravings or your appetite.

Use Smaller Plates

Who says that you need to fill up your entire plate? For whatever reason, most of us all feel compelled to load up every last inch on your plates, and we also then feel compelled to eat every last bit of food that is on that plate. To help you manage your portions, purchase some “child size” plates to use at meal time. If you buy inexpensive plates, you can even mark the “portions” on the plate (i.e. ½ the plate should be for vegetables, ¼ for protein and ¼ for whole grains).

In less than a month you will notice that your weight is dropping, and it will seem absolutely effortless on your part. Couple that with drinking a glass of water before dinner and you are well on your way to losing several pounds a month.


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