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Weight loss was one of my New Year’s resolutions. However, it is more than just weight loss for me. I want to live a healthier lifestyle altogether. I want health and wellness to just be a natural part of my life. Right now, it is a struggle. Now there is a program to help me. Noom is the program name and it is changing how I’m approaching my weight loss goals this year.

Noom’s approach is psychology based. It works to identify your current behavior and habits, helping you to create better habits and choices.This is what I need! Noom is not another tracking tool app to see how many pounds I’ve lost, what I what ate, how many steps I took what’s my blood pressure while all of this is included, It is some much more. Noom will help me create short-and long-term goals that are realistic. Not just how many pounds do you want to lose but do you want to run in a 5k or have more body confidence? Sometimes we need more to keep us motivated than just numbers falling off the scale. Noom has coaches to help me and encourage me, giving me feedback based on my progress.
I even decide how much or how little help I will need. No more cookie-cutter meal plans to eat the same thing over and over and over.
Noom offers customized meal plans for my lifestyle and workout plans that suit me. There is even a feature called choose-your-own-adventure.
The aim of this is to help me with the daily triggers(the psychology aspect of weight loss).

For me, Noom is going to be one of the biggest tools used in helping me with my weight loss and improving my overall health and wellness in 2020. Not only do I want to lose weight I want to keep off. I don’t want to be on some crazy restrictive diet forever. Even after I have reached my weight loss goal I want to continue living a healthy lifestyle. I believe that anyone who has made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight should definitely give Noom a try. For those who don’t need to necessarily lose weight, Noom is still a great program to use to improve your overall health and wellness. Noom has a team of coaches, doctors, psychologists, nutritionists and personal trainers who provide daily articles and other simple tips to help improve yourself.

2020 may be known as the year of the rat, but for me, it is the year of Noom.


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